Post Op Physiotherapy

Comprehensive assessments and rehabilitation plans after surgery to assist in regaining your strength, flexibility and function.

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Physiotherapy can be beneficial following a range of different surgeries. 

Orthopaedic Surgery: restoring range of motion, strength and mobility following knee and hip replacement, restoring range of motion and strength following fractures requiring fixation, rehabilitation and return to sport protocols following ligament and meniscus repairs. 

Spinal Surgery: improving strength and function following spinal fusions, disc repairs, and spinal decompressions

Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery: rehabilitation of abdominal and core muscles, improving upper body strength and posture, and regaining general fitness following surgery 

Obstetric and Gynaecological Surgery: pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation following c-section, hysterectomy, and prolapse repair surgeries 

Urological Surgery: post bladder surgery for pelvic floor rehabilitation Breast Surgery: resections and reconstructions

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