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BodyThrive Physiotherapy provides a variety of Physiotherapy services to help treat a wide range of conditions. Whether you have an injury that needs rehabilitation, looking to improve strength and flexibility or have Women’s Health and pelvic floor issues that need addressing we are here to help. 

BodyThrive provides one on one Physiotherapy services to help you address your issue, achieve your goals, and not just determine what is going on but delve deeper to understand why the issue has occurred in the first place. 

Our Services


One on one Physiotherapy with a highly personalised injury assessment and treatment approach, focusing on helping your goals. Whether it be general aches and pains, sport injuries and rehabilitation, or post operative rehabilitation we are here to help.


Women's Health

Our specialised Women’s Health service provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and management of all things Women’s Health. Whether it be pelvic floor issues, incontinence, postnatal rehabilitation, prolapse or pelvic pain.


Rehabilitation (NDIS)

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation for NDIS participants, those with neurological conditions (Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Post Stroke) and post surgery.


Dry Needling

A treatment technique utilised as a part of your rehabilitation plan using acupuncture needles to promote muscle release and activation, reduce pain, and enhance performance.


Post Op Physiotherapy

Comprehensive assessments and rehabilitation plans after surgery to assist in regaining your strength, flexibility and function


Sports Injuries

Sports injury assessment and treatment to diagnose and determine the underlying cause of your issue to get you back to running, impact exercise, weight lifting and contact sport.

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